Is your non-mobile website hurting your business?

If you have a website that is not responsive or mobile-friendly, there’s a good chance your business is at least missing out on a lot of potential customers, if not suffering.

American internet usage from mobile devices surpassed that of traditional desktop/laptop devices in 2014 – the first time in history. That should come as no surprise, though, considering mobile internet use has been growing rapidly since the first iPhone hit the markets.

Regardless of how well you rank for valuable searches, studies have shown that if a potential customer visits your website from their smartphone and finds it frustrating to navigate with their phone, they will most likely leave your website and never return. And worse, they will probably seek out a competitor who does have a mobile-friendly website.

And you aren’t going to rank as well without such crucial functionality. Google penalizes the search ranking of websites that lack mobile compatibility, and has been doing this for some time now. The average end user does not like being unable to navigate a website with their smartphone, and Google takes that fact very seriously.

So there you have it: mobile-friendly websites drive more business than non mobile-friendly websites. Is your website mobile-friendly? If not, ask me how I can fix that for you!