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We are a team of experts who each bring over a decade of industry experience to the table.

Brandt was still a student when he founded the business under the name Juicyart. Juicyart began with an emphasis on website design. Social media was in its infancy. Facebook was only for college students. MySpace was still king. Having the opportunity to mature alongside social media, the focus shifted from website design to SEO and social media marketing, and Mintclick was born.

Meet The Team
Our Core Team

Brandt is both an analyst and a creative. He likes to spend his free time in nature, exploring and photographing beautiful things. He built his first website at 12 years old: a Star Wars fan page.

Brandt Campbell
Founder & Chief Strategist

Self-described “very okay person” and data geek, Johanna likes to start her day with rich coffee and research, and end it with good food and a whiskey neat.

Johanna Bergström
Senior Researcher

Jordan is self-taught in a variety of programming languages. He spends his free time with his wife and children, and likes to slap the bass from time to time.

Jordan Campbell
Senior Developer

Liam excels at managing the content for social media accounts and websites alike, keeping things fresh and relevant for our clients. His favorite things in life are fashion, craft beer, and live music. In that order.

Liam Dupont
Digital Manager
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Consult with us for all your digital marketing needs. We work with a network of seasoned contractors to deliver you the very best work the industry has to offer.

Owner Brandt Campbell will be your single point of contact if you choose to work with Mintclick. We like to keep things simple by focusing on small to medium-sized businesses, and don’t pass our clients around to various team members for different parts of the project.

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